About South Bend Form Tool

South Bend Form Tool offers high value to our customers through CNC precision machining capabilities. We will meet your individual tooling, machining, and product needs with quality, dependability and integrity. You can count on us for the same hands-on, personal service we have provided to our customers for more than 60 years.

CNC Turning

South Bend Form Tool CNC turning centers are known for delivering repeated finished components at a faster production rate with optimum manufacturing accuracy. Our full-service capabilities ensure the shortest delivery schedule possible. We have the ability to receive and work with AutoCAD and SurfCam drawings as well as other software programs.

Precision CNC Milling

The vertical machining center at South Bend Form Tool is used to remove material from a solid material of any shape, using a rotating cutter that moves around the part in multiple axes. Through our precision CNC milling machining capabilities, customers have access to a variety of configurations to receive the specific parts and assemblies they need.

Prototype Machining

South Bend Form Tool works with customers who have specialized machining needs or only need a short-run production. We provide quick-turn CNC precision machining to produce highly accurate production-quality parts.

About South Bend Form Tool

Established in 1953, South Bend Form Tool Company specializes in manufacturing gages; tools test equipment, assembly and test tooling; overhaul and repair fixtures: and machined components for products. The company’s longevity can be attributed to providing all customers with value that exceeds their expectations. We are driven to providing machining and tooling services and products with great efficiency, communication, dependability and integrity. The value we provide is customized to each customer based on their problem, needs and process.

To learn more about CNC machining capabilities from South Bend Form Tool, simply fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will be in touch with you. Or, you may call us at (574) 289-2441.

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